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....spreading joy one limo at a time...

Do you remember as a child seeing a limousine drive by, and how awesome you thought they were? Or maybe while sitting in the backseat during one of those long summer road trips trying sooo hard not to ask mom the infamous "are we there yet?" and maybe playing outside then all of a sudden a couple houses down, you see some teenagers going to prom and they're dressed up and getting picked up in a big white stretch limo..... Then at a family members wedding and how lucky you thought the ones who got to ride in the limo were. Then said "ya know, one day that is going to be me!" Hoping one day you would make that dream come true. I know I have had those dreams. Now I not only ride in them, I have the opportunity to assist other dreams come true. One of the best things about driving limos, is to just be riding down the street and see all the smiles and the joy these limousines bring to everyone. I am proud to say we are spreading joy one limo at a time, with a company who takes pride into making the customers happy.

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